Tv Actress Naila Jaffery Passes Away

by Asif Ali
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Famous Pakistani actress Naila Jaffery passed away today after fighting prolonged illness. She had been suffering from cancer. Despite her illness she was quite vocal about social issues and human rights. The actress was valiantly fighting cancer and also got treated for it. In last few days she again got sick and remained hospitalized.

The final rituals of the veteran actress will be observed at 9: Pm after Isha prayers.Naila Jaffery’s brother Atif Jaffery said that his sister’s funeral prayers will be offered later today in Defense Phase II and burial will be held at Army Cemetery on Kala Pul.

The actress suffered from Ovarian Cancer which was detected at third stage however she regained health and moved to Northern areas of Pakistan and lived there for about two to three years.

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