There is a reason why Adam is the daddy of all heroes!

by Asif Ali
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HUM TV’s Mushk is currently keeping the audience on the edge of their seats with its power-packed story, excellent dialogues, and perfect execution.

Among all the characters in the drama, the one that stands out is Adam, played by Imran Ashraf, for the right reasons. He is the only character that has no chink in his armor and loves to do what his heart desires. He is different from all the other male protagonists in dramas currently on air and that’s why we have chosen him to be the Character of the Week.

Why Is Adam so loveable in the whirlpool of deceit?

Everyone in Mushk has something to hide; Zulekha (Zara Tareen) is slowly poisoning her husband (Hasan Ahmed) who was responsible for the attempted suicide of Saqib’s sister; Saqib (Raza Talish) in return kidnaps Zulekha’s daughter Roshni (Seher Khan) and sells her to the highest bidder in Karachi; Mehek (Momal Sheikh) marries Shayan (Osama Tahir) in London and comes over to Pakistan after he went missing; her Dada Jaan (Manzoor Qureshi) doesn’t know about their baby but erroneously suspects Mehek of having an affair with Saqib when it was Roshni who was meeting him late at night; Guddi (Urwa Hocane) who is supposed to pose as the mother of Shayan and Mehek’s kid is on the run from the police for her cons and wants to pay Zulekha back by nursing her husband back to life.

She also manages to divert the attention of Dr. Rana (Raja Haider) who was before her in love with Zulekha. In all this whirlpool of deceit, Adam is the only one who has no agenda, no objectives, has no bad bone in his body, and his only job is to keep Mehek happy, by hook or by crook!

What makes Adam worth discussing?

When was the last time you saw a hero gagged up after he tried to rescue a damsel in distress, impulsively? Ever seen a writer go for a character that wasn’t a major one in the initial episodes of the play? Never. Imran Ashraf’s Adam falls in both the categories because in the last episode where he tried to rescue Roshni (Seher Khan), he was hit from behind and gagged when unconscious, while began as a minor character only to end up as a major player in the drama.

The way he delivers dialogues reminds one of both the Angry Young Man made famous by Amitabh Bachchan and the popular film actor Shahid from Pakistan, who would have been fit for the role of Adam’s father if the character was there in the script. To top it all, Imran Ashraf has written the script of Mushk and to excel in both the writing and acting departments is no small achievement.

Why is Adam different than other characters currently on TV?

The main reason Adam is able to stand out amongst all the protagonists is that a) he is likely not to end with the girl he loves and b) he knows her secret that no one else in the village does. That makes him all the more loveable because usually, people who get to know something they aren’t supposed to, especially about someone they care and know they have lost, blackmail that person to achieve their ulterior motives.

Here Adam knows everything yet wants to help Mehek (Momal Sheikh) in any way which he can because that’s what he believes is the righteous thing to do. He knows his boundaries, and that’s why when Dada Jaan (Manzoor Qureshi) requests him to marry the same girl he has always been in love with; his expressions were priceless.

He was happy that finally, he would be able to marry Mehek, he was stunned since he knew Mehek is the mother of the baby she claims is Guddi’s, he was shocked when his mind raced to the future where Shayan (Osama Tahir) might enter the frame and he was content that despite all this, he would be helping the girl he has always loved and who trusts him completely.

How Adam is different from Imran Ashraf’s other characters?

If you are following Imran Ashraf’s career since Alif Allah Aur Insaan, you will know that he doesn’t repeat a character just like most people don’t repeat expensive clothes. He played a transgender in Alif Allah Aur Insaan, the trusting Tipu in Tau Dil Ka Kia Hua, was the one and only Bholain Ranjha Ranjha Kardi, played the detestable Rehan Chaudhry in Inkaar, was the sensible brother Zaid in Jaal, and is now playing the loveable Adam here.

Each of his characters is different from the other one in everything, from the way he walks, the way he talks, his dressing sense, his mannerisms, his appearance, and even his weight. Most of the people including this scribe were unable to recognize Imran Ashraf as Adam, such was his transformation from his biggest role so far – Bhola!

How should Adam’s story in Mushk End?

How do you want the story of a person to end who is in love with his friend since childhood yet is the only one who knows she is already married; who would take matters in his own hand if she says so despite knowing that he will not end up with her; who is loved by all because of his simple and straightforward nature; who doesn’t want to do anything bad and let anything bad happen to others, even if it means taking the bullet himself.

That kind of person should have the best end in the world, because if his story doesn’t end happily, the audience will stop believing in good and start rooting for bad!

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