Sarah Khan regrets playing the weak woman in ‘Mere Bewafa’

by Asif Ali
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Actor Sarah Khan has called the drama serial ‘Mere Bewafa,’ in which she played a weak woman, a “mistake”.

“I tried very hard to get the angle of the story changed. But you can see I never took on such roles again.” The drama showed a woman going back to a man who hurt her, she said.

She also talked about marriage and said she works more independently after her marriage to singer Falak Shabir.

“I can pursue my passion much more independently now,” Sara said in an interview with The Current. “There was a lot happening at home with my siblings before marriage, but now it’s just me and my husband.”

Sara was all praise for Falak, saying that he wants her to progress and grow. “He encourages me, supports me. Now when I work, it makes me happy.”

She also talked about her struggling years in the industry. “When I signed Badi Aapa, I was indecisive about my goals. I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to be an actor or continue my education.”

She took a two-year hiatus after Badi Aapa, during which she figured out what she wanted to do with her life. “My father advised me to do what I was most passionate about. I eventually realised that I wanted to be an actor.”

The Raqs e Bismil star was also interested in singing in her school years, but didn’t want to take it up as a career. “There was a band at our school called “Beautiful Deadly”. My sister and I used to pay them to sing for them!”

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