Nida Yasir Once Again Fell Prey To Online Trolling After An Old Video Went Viral

by Asif Ali
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Nida Yasir is one of those celebrities of Pakistan who faces a lot of trolling. Nida is often bashed for her dressing, the content of her show, and whatnot. This time it is an old video of Nida Yasir, that is bringing a lot of trolling her way.

The video clip is from Nida Yasir’s morning show from 2016. Two youngsters who made their country proud by making a Formula-1 car were invited to Nida Yasir’s show.

The video was previously shared by Dramas Online years back and now it has resurfaced on the internet. In the video, Nida was inquiring the guests about their project. Nida was unable to understand the concept of a Formula-1 racing car and also the name “Formula Car” was also seemingly new for her.

As the video has resurfaced on the internet, people are actually unable to digest what Nida Yasir said on the live show. Twitter is overflowing with tweets regarding this video. #NiaYasir is trending on number 3 on Twitter. Let’s have a look at a few tweets:

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