Kashmir Hum Social Media Awards – Another first from the pioneers!

by Asif Ali
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It’s time to make the biggest announcement of the year.. 

If you saw the promo featuring Yasir Hussain and Mooroo fighting, then you must have wondered what the two Social Media stars were scuffling about. Were they discussing who was the best amongst them or wanted to make a major announcement? Here we clear your confusion, the fight was over the first-ever digital awards to be held in Pakistan, powered by Facebook – The Kashmir HUM Social Media Awards.

What makes the first-ever digital award show different from the many award shows held all the year round is the fact that KASHMIR HUM Social Media Awards 2020 have been powered by Facebook, the largest internationally recognized social media platform.

Not only is it the first digitally based award show that has Facebook onboard, it is also the first one to recognize deserving individuals working in different fields. From entertainment to sports, from music to fashion, from content creation to hosting, everyone doing good work will be eligible for the trophy.

The award ceremony might not be held at a beautiful destination or some international city because of Covid-19 but thanks to Facebook, the ceremony would be streamed as LIVE on HUM TV Official Facebook Page so the audience can observe social distancing and be entertained without leaving the comfort of their homes.

Why was there a need for Social Media Awards?

Over the years, Social media has become a giant in its own way matching the other forms of media such as Print, Television and at times even surpassing them in popularity. Gone are the days when you had to be an actor, a news anchor, a TV show host to be famous and popular; since Social Media’s emergence, everyone has a chance to become a celebrity.

Hum Network Ltd was quick enough to recognize the sudden change and decided to honor the many players in the industry, who have been working day and night to entertain their fans.

The Iron Lady of Pakistan’s entertainment industry and the President of HUM Network Ltd. Sultana Siddiqui feels that Social Media has the power to engage and motivate on a global scale, and the sooner one realizes its potential, the better.

“Social media has the power to engage and motivate on a global scale. It is an appropriate time that we recognize and celebrate all the inspiring individuals working in different fields of entertainment genre, who have proved their mettle digitally with years of hard work and dedication. I am very proud of this initiative as this is the first time that a TV channel in Pakistan has collaborated with Facebook to recognize the potential of social media. This event will be a stepping stone in encouraging and inspiring young and emerging content creators to utilize their platforms and their abilities to create meaningful and impactful content.”

Head of Digital Hum Network Ltd. Hassan Jawed also thinks on the same lines; he believes that Social Media is going to stay here for long, so why not recognize it as an equal and encourage the many Social Media stars to do something that has never been done before.

“Social media is the most efficient medium to market not only your content but also products and services. Particularly in the post-COVID-19 scenario, more and more businesses have adjusted their marketing strategies and shifted their focus towards social media to engage customers and increase sales. HUM has always been aggressive in terms of experimenting with new events in the entertainment genre. We believe that this is the right time to introduce Pakistan’s first digital awards show to celebrate and honor creative content creators, celebs, individuals, and businesses who have proved their mettle in the social media landscape of the country. This event has the potential to develop into a self-sustainable event and take its place amongst the most sought-after award shows of Pakistan.”

“It is exciting to see how rapidly Pakistan’s digital landscape has evolved over the past few years, and we are looking forward to presenting the country’s first-ever social media awards with HUM. Content creators have built a unique place in our day-to-day lives by entertaining, inspiring and educating us. It is heartening to see them receive acknowledgement and appreciation for their hard work, and we are happy to extend our support” said Hassan Salahuddin, Head of Media Partnerships, Facebook- Pakistan.

About the nominations, voting process, and awards ceremony

The criteria and selection of nominees of KASHMIR HUM Social Media Awards 2020 is based purely on their social media presence and their achievements across all platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram to name a few. Since it’s powered by Facebook, it adds authenticity to the whole process as the nomination list will be finalized purely on the basis of social media followers/subscribers, interaction rate, and content created between July 2019 to June 2020.

Facebook’s Authentic Tool will analyze the nominations that will be put up for audience voting via the website, giving the local and global audiences the opportunity to vote for their favorite stars. The voting lines will open for nearly two weeks – from September 10, 2020, till September 22, 2020 – whereas the awards ceremony will be streamed live on HUM official Facebook page, another first in Pakistan.

And the categories are …

Here comes the tricky part – the selection of categories for KASHMIR HUM Social Media Awards 2020. There are as many as sixteen categories here in which the most popular person would emerge as the winner. But to have winners, you have to have nominations, and we will leave that for Facebook and its Authentic Tool.

From the ‘Entertainment’ category, there is the Most Popular Actor category where the most deserving Male and Female nominee would win the award. There are two separate categories for Most Popular Couple – one that is popular for their off-screen chemistry and the other for their on-screen charisma.

In the music section, there is Most Popular Music Artist category for both Male and Female artists. From modeling, the Most Popular Model – both Male and Female – award will be given to the candidate who gets the most votes and the same goes for Most Popular Designer and Most Popular Brand. The Most Popular Makeup Artist category will be as tough as the rest of the categories as Pakistan’s Makeup Artists are amongst the best in the world.

How can one forget Sports when it comes to awards, considering Sports is part and parcel of our lives! The Most Popular Sports Personality award will be contested by the best amongst the rest and you can be assured that the winner would be someone highly respected by all. Last but not the least, KASHMIR HUM Social Media Awards 2020 will have an award for the Most Popular Web Show as well as the Most Popular Content Creator while the Most Popular Television Host (Entertainment) and Most Popular Social Media Portal (Entertainment) will also take away the trophy for being the best in their business.

May the best person win!

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