Is Mahira Khan Working With Tom Cruise?

by Asif Ali
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Mahira Khan is said to be the superstar of Pakistan. Mahira Khan has a crazy fan following and she has been awarded countless awards. She went to India and also worked there in the movie Raees. Hamsafar was the drama that took her to the pinnacle of fame.

Mahira Khan runs a publication by the name of Mashion and recently in a video, she answered all the assumptions of her fans. While answering someone’s question that if she has signed a film with Tom Cruise, Mahira replied: “Tom my love I am so sorry that this has leaked, I tried to hide it for so long but I couldn’t. And I am sure you are excited and I am sure your team has leaked it. But anyway I will see you soon”

Well, the pun was quite clear in Mahira’s statement and she was seemingly joking. What’s your take on this matter?Want to add something to the story. Feel free to share your views with us!

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