Four lessons Sabaat taught us about life!

by Asif Ali
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Life usually throws a curveball at you whenever it can, it is how you handle it defines your personality.

HUM TV’s ‘Sabaat‘ taught us many lessons regarding how to face the curveball, and then come out victorious. The ending wasn’t just perfect but it also completed the circle of life, with those deserving a horrible end getting that, and those who had waited for good things, finally getting the conclusion they merited.

The important role of parents in our lives

Sabaat taught us the importance of parents in our lives, be it the grandparents or the biological ones. The most important character of the play was Nani (Azra Mansoor) who saw herself in Miraal (Sarah Khan) and even warned her that if she didn’t change her ways, things might not end well for her.

Obviously, Miraal being Miraal didn’t listen to her and paid the price by distancing herself from her loved ones and meeting a tragic end. Even though her father Seth Fareed (Moazzam Ali Khan) wasn’t an ideal dad, the credit must be given to his wife (Leyla Zuberi) for understanding her kids’ issues and siding with Hasan (Ameer Gilani) when the others ganged up against him.

We can also not forget the role of Anaya’s father (Mohammed Ahmed) who raised her well, taught her the value of life, and standing tall even when the chips are down. It was because of his teachings as well as the support from her mother (Seemi Raheal) that Anaya (Mawra Hocane) came out as a winner in the end, despite all the hardships she faced, despite all the curveballs thrown by life at her.

Choose your friends wisely

Whoever said that ‘choose your friends wisely’ must have had friends like Atif in their gang. Atif (Abbas Ashraf Awan) was more like a snake in the sleeve who sided with Miraal just to get back at Hasan, his former best friend before Anaya came into his life. He was not just a loser who had no chance of making it big in life but also was like a parasite who grew up on Hasan’s money, and when Hasan quit his rich lifestyle, the endless money that Atif enjoyed disappeared with it.

Yes, he did help Hasan when he was in trouble later on, but that had more to do with his rich father than his well-being. He also tried to create differences between Anaya and Hasan and even succeeded for some time, but thankfully sanity prevailed and the loving couple reconciled, with Atif ending up on the losing side, again! On the other hand, Anaya’s friends supported her as well as Hasan from the start, and it was because of them that the two got together, and ended up marrying each other.

Being rich or poor doesn’t matter

The biggest lesson Sabaat teaches us is the fact that you make your own destiny, that being born in a rich or poor household doesn’t matter. Anaya (Mawra Hocane) was the perfect woman – educated, caring, and beautiful – despite belonging to a middle-class family whereas Miraal (Sarah Khan) was the exact opposite.

Not only was she a spoilt brat who drove expensive cars, wore designer clothing, and didn’t listen to her elders, the only person she cared for was herself. That’s why when she did get married to Dr. Haris who cared for her but defied her to oblige his patients, she couldn’t handle it because she was not used to that kind of treatment.

Her brother Hasan who came from the same background realized early that making a place for himself in the professional world was better than working for his father in a company that he created. That’s why everything he did (except a few mistakes) fell in place and he got the girl, returned to his parents’ place, and became a father despite his foes wanting him to fail.

Good things come to those who wait

Everything happens for a reason; you might agree to it or not, but the sooner you agree to it, the better. No matter how manipulative Miraal was when it came to her brother, how Seth Fareed supported her despite his wife’s pleas, how they made life hell for Anaya, how Hasan was backstabbed by his friend, and how it all ended the life of Anaya’s father, those playing god were checkmated by Him in the end, in such a way that nothing else mattered.

Anaya’s character kept her cool, believed in Him, and got what she deserved, whereas Miraal’s life ended in the most horrific manner. After all, when you think that hiring a target killer, using your brother’s bestie for sleuthing and blackmailing your rich father will solve your problems, then you are wrong with a capital W. Had Miraal listened to her grandmother and mended her ways, who knows she might have ended in a better place than in a wheelchair with the person she detested (Usman Mukhtar) caring for her.

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