FIA Arrests YouTuber Hina Mehmood

by Asif Ali
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Hina Mehmood is a YouTuber who has been working for various YouTube channels as a reporter and anchor. Recently, the YouTuber has come into the news after FIA arrested her.

She was arrested on the complaint launched by higher officials of the Federal and Punjab governments.

During an interrogation by Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), it came to light that she tried to hack the Gmail, Hotmail, Skype, Instagram, and Snapchat accounts of a man and later on she shared a few improper videos from his social media handles to others.

FIA Arrests YouTuber Hina Mehmood
FIA Arrests YouTuber Hina Mehmood

She is also accused for disseminating inappropriate videos from two different WhatsApp numbers and she also used VPN to avoid being scrutinized.

The FIA arrested the YouTuber after a complaint was launched from a man and a woman, they were of the view that Hina Mehmood had tried to hack their social media accounts.

The initial investigations also suggested that the accused has a lot of inappropriate videos of higher government officials.

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