Fans do not take kindly to Sarwat’s bold photoshoot with husband

by Asif Ali
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The latest Pakistani showbiz personalities to come under fire from social media users are actress Sarwat Gilani and her husband Fahad Mirza.

The two are part of a racy photo shoot that has drawn criticism from some circles.

Photos and videos of the photo shoot for a magazine have gone viral on social media, with the bulk of the criticism being directed towards Sarwat for her bold dressing.

The short video shared by the fashion magazine shows the two posing for the camera in various romantic poses.

After the teaser video and photos were released to the public, netizens were not too pleased with the couple, terming their style and actions ‘obscene’ and even praying that they would come to the right path.

Most people described their style as a copy of Western, Hollywood and Bollywood cultures, reminding them that it was not a part of our society.

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