Alizeh Shah’s New Video Goes Popular

by Asif Ali
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Alizeh Shah, an acclaimed actress in Pakistani dramas, is popular on social media with her unique hairstyle and sometimes her innocent photos.

Recently, she uploaded her video, which is getting popular among the fans.

A young star who is determined to stand out, Alizah is definitely not seeking your approval when it comes to WArdrobe.

After receiving tremendous hate on her dressing capabilities, especially after the recent mobile phone launch expedition in which Alizeh’s plunging neckline gave rise to heavy criticism, Alizeh has come up with an Instagram post in which she wants EVERYONE to know that she does not care what they think.Dressed in a baby pink attire, Alizeh walks towards the screen with enough ‘swag’ to let her haters know that she has enough confidence to not care about all the loathe you might throw her way.

Pakistani actress Alizah Shah has been accustomed with an unfortunate luck after spending only a little amount of time in the showbiz industry, however this might be arguable. 

Some might consider Alizah ne of the luckiest stars as she has attracted the kind of attention only some celebrities manage to attract however the attention which was solely positive in her early days of acting has now become controversially negative.

But it’s still a LOT of attention nevertheless.

Hard to digest? Then let us tell you that Alizah Shah has become the top Twitter trend recently.

However, the twenty-year-old has shown through her ‘bold’ actions numerous times that she is a rebel and will definitely indulge in severe acts of rebellion as she is exceedingly confident in her own skin. 

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