YouTube star Markiplier pays $4 million for Donald Grover’s La Canada suburb estate built on an acre

by Asif Ali
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Markiplier paid $4 million for the 4 bedroom house built in 1953 on an acre of land in La Canada Flintridge suburb with a picturesque view.

Donald Glover’s La Canada Flintridge estate was listed in the market nearly 2 months ago in February. The lavish property attracted a lot of buyers from LA and around. Mark Fischbach, who is one of the biggest gaming YouTube stars in the world also known as Markiplier pointed his deep pockets towards the plush 4 bedroom property built on nearly an acre and ended up shelving $4 million, which is $15,000 more than the original asking price of the estate. 31 years old can certainly afford to spend millions of dollars for a home considering his $35 million net worth. 

The new wealth of Markiplier has something to do with him being a rockstar in the world of gaming with a little over 15 billion views on the channel, about twice the population of earth. Mark is the son of an army veteran father and a Korean mother, who did not grow up rich at all in the Cincinnati suburbs. Originally born in Hawaii, Mark is a dropout from the University of Cincinnati and has a 21st-century tale of a young man’s success. Mark’s home before this was in the neighborhood of Echo Park, where he had paid upwards of $1.5 million for an apartment. 

La Canada estate will house Mark and his long-time partner Amy Nelson. Built-in 1953, the midcentury modern property lies on a mountainous road with gates that are well hidden from the common connectivity. The estate comes after a long driveway and offers a peaceful view from an enormous open area apart from the state-of-the-art construction.

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