The Batman UNVEILS intense new poster, features a subtle hidden Riddler message

by Asif Ali
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A very subtle hidden Riddler feature can be found on the Batman movie poster. In Matt Reeves’ dark and violent new Caped Crusader film, Paul Dano plays the legendary riddling Batman

In the early DC comic books, The Riddler joined The Joker, The Penguin, and others as Batman’s major foes. Frank Gorshin, who played the mischievous character in the 1960s Batman TV program, was the first to bring him to life on film in a campy manner. In Batman Forever, Jim Carrey played The Riddler for the first time on the big screen. From Gotham to the animated Harley Quinn TV show, the character has appeared in a variety of mediums. It’s safe to say, though, that when The Riddler returns for The Batman, he’ll look nothing like he has in past on-screen appearances.

Indeed, Dano’s Riddler remains mostly unknown in The Batman marketing materials and trailers. The newest image for The Batman doesn’t depict the villain at all, but a concealed detail hints at how vital he is to the film. The poster clearly emphasizes Robert Pattinson’s Batman, notably his mask and beard stubble. However, focusing on Batman’s eye exposes the Riddler’s concealed message: the character’s trademark question mark symbol. That question mark has been shown in a number of trailers.

Meanwhile, as per Screenrant, the Riddler has only been seen a few times, most notably in a recently published photo that depicts the character appearing more like a psychotic serial murderer or a forest-dwelling anti-government doomsday prepper than a Batman nemesis. Interestingly, the new Riddler’s distinctively non-comic-book style indicates that Reeves and team are aiming for something different from past big-screen portrayals of Batman. It remains to be seen whether the new, less campy Riddler is genuinely a terrible foe for Pattinson’s melancholy Kurt Cobain-inspired recluse Bruce Wayne.

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