Selena Gomez spills all about her beauty secrets: ‘I do not pluck them’

by Asif Ali
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Selena Gomez

Pop icon Selena Gomez revealed details about her stunning beauty standards as she sat down for a chat.

In an interview with Vogue, the It Ain’t Me singer said, “I love boxing. I have been boxing a lot at Rumble while I’m in New York. It’s liberating and so much fun, I do not pluck them – I don’t get them waxed, they are not touched! I just do little things here and there to fix them. My tip is not to go in with the tweezers!.”

“I definitely wear a red lipstick when I go to dinner – it makes me feel very classy and old school. And, you know, if I’m not dating anyone – which I’m not – then [it’s good because] I don’t have to kiss anyone either.”

The star has suffered with mental health issues and is a good guide for those who feel low. 

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