Prince Andrew likely to miss out on Queen’s Jubilee and royal family’s famous balcony shot amid assault case

by Asif Ali
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It seems as Prince Andrew’s punishment has started as every bliss goes away from him even the court has not decided his fate in an assault case. 

The Duke of York, who was considered the Queen’s favorite until he was stripped of his titles and patronages last week, may also miss out on the Queen’s Jubilee and famous family balcony shot. 

If Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations go as planned, Andrew may miss out on it and won’t be seen with other members of the Royal Family on the balcony. 

Royal experts claim his presence is doubtful during the Platinum Jubilee events as he is not a “good representation” of the Royal family.

“I think it’s also going to be interesting because obviously, we’ll get that balcony shot and who is going to be up there on the balcony that is what I need to know, I mean I don’t think in light of everything probably Prince Andrew will be there if Harry goes I wonder if he will as well,” Christina Garibaldi, a host of the Royally Us podcast, said.

“I mean he’s still a member of the family, you have to remember that.”

Christine Ross, a co-host of the postcard, replied: “What they tend to do on these big occasions is have everybody come out and then everyone goes back in and then only a few people come back out again.”

“I know it must be difficult for the Queen because she was so fond of Prince Andrew but I don’t think that he’s a good representation of the family with everything that’s going on so I don’t expect we’ll see him especially not up on the balcony but throughout the Jubilee events.”

Prince Andrew is facing sexual assault allegations from Virginia Giuffre over his alleged association with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

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