How Lea Michele’s Son Ever Inspired Her New Album, Forever

by Asif Ali
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Lea Michele is taking a moment to appreciate the “greatest moment” of her life: Becoming a mother! 

The Glee star exclusively reflected on raising 14-month-old son Ever, born in Aug. 2020, during E! News’ Daily Pop on Friday, Nov. 5. “The moment that my son was handed to me was truly the greatest moment of my life,” Lea gushed. “I’ve never been more thankful to God than in that moment.”

Lea looked back on the “low” times throughout her pregnancy where she was fearful for her and Ever’s safety. “There were moments where we were told he would not be born, even very late into the journey of pregnancy, which is even scarier because as things go along, you get more and more frightened,” Lea noted. “It was just all OK the moment that we saw him.” 

Lea dedicated her new lullaby album, Forever, to Ever. 

“I was pregnant during the pandemic and I used music during my pregnancy, singing to my son, to let him know that everything was OK,” she added. 

And, Lea credited her husband Zandy Reich for being a constant inspiration to her music. 

“He’s such an incredible father,” Lea explained. “He really just helps me to relax. I’m a very anxious person. Luckily it just brings me down to earth and grounds me and helps me to just enjoy it more and be less hard on myself. I’m very lucky to have such a supportive partner.” 

Forever is now available wherever music is sold. 

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