Hollywood actor Tom Hiddleston speaks about how he takes Loki’s character in the latest web series to another level

by Asif Ali
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Hollywood actor Tom Hiddleston, who is known to play Loki, the deity of mischief in Marvel’s Avengers Endgame, now talks about his reformed character in the latest web series, where he still plays the character of Loki, but on a whole new level.

The various characterisations of the deity of mischief has shades of depth, relief, light and shade, said the actor.

The role of Loki in the web series will see the character battling some emotional ups and downs and how that influences him to make the decisions he makes.

Taking Loki’s phenomenal persona to a whole new level with his impeccable performance, the actor lets his fans know that they have something really exciting to look forward to.

Assuring the web series to be a unique one, Hiddleston also adds how one can enjoy the subtle mix of creativity and energy the series will portra0y

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