Dwayne Johnson surprises little boy with inoperable brain tumor: ‘He’s inspiring’

by Asif Ali
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Hollywood actor Dwayne Johnson recently attended a candid FaceTime session with an “awe-inspiring” 5-year-old that is living life to the fullest despite his inoperable brain tumor.

The star even shared snapshots, marking the conversation, to his Instagram account with a heartwarming caption that ended up tugging at heartstrings.

The post started off with a video clip showing off one of the conversational moments Johnson shared with the family and the gallery reel ended with a photograph of the little boy who was decked out in blue.

The caption however was the kicker and explained the boys’ condition in detail. It read, “This family’s hearts were shattered when Jett was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG).”

It is a “Highly aggressive and inoperable brain tumor that occurs almost exclusively in young children. The prognosis of DIPG is poor. The survival rate of 8-11 months.”

To make matters worse, “DIPG takes away the ability to walk, talk, smile, and eventually breathe – all while leaving the mind completely intact.”

Despite “30 rounds of radiation without sedation. Just calm and brave. He’s lost the ability to speak but completely understands and he uses thumbs up or thumbs down to respond to things.”

Johnson also went on to write, “As soon as I ended this call, I was jumping on a plane to fly home just in time to tuck my little girl, Jazzy into bed. It was her birthday. She was the same age as Jett. I guess that’s why it all hit me”.

He concluded the caption by admitting, “I don’t why things like this happen the way they do. I just don’t know. But, it was such a PRIVILEGE for me to talk to Jett and his family. I’m in awe of his bravery and the strength of his parents, Larisa & Manny.” (sic)

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