by Asif Ali
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Sella rice 1kg/ 4 cups heaped
Chicken 1 to 1 1/2kg 12 pcs
Potatoes 2to3
Dahi 1 pao
Ggpaste 2tbsp heaped
Green chilies paste 2to3tbsp heaped ( small)
Black jeera 1tsp
Dhania powder 2tbsp
Zeera powder 1tbsp
Salt to taste
White pepper 2tsp
Chinese salt 1tsp
White qorma masala 1tbsp
Plain biryani masala 1tbsp
Aloo Bukhara few
Imli pulp with seed 2to3 tbsp
Whole garam masala mix 1tbsp

mint leaves chopped
Coriander leaves chopped
Curry leaves few chopped
Fried onion half cup
Ginger jullienes 2tbsp
White zeera 1tsp
coarsely crushed Choti elaichi+ laung 1tsp
Plain biryani masala 1tbsp
Whole button chilies few
Small green chilies few

  • mix all well n keep aside.


In a pot add oil 1cup then add potatoes fry them and take them out. Then add in gg paste and saute until fragrant then add half cup water along with chicken n fried potatoes n cook till color changes, then add green chilies paste and all d mentioned spices and cook till chicken n potatoes get tender n abt 2 cups of gravy remaining. Now boil d rice with salt, whole mix garam masala, and 1tbsp zafrani kewra water until 3/4th done n strain them.

Pour a few tbsp of beaten yogurt, spread the prepared layering masala over it, also drizzle zafrani kewra water 1to2tbsp and 1tbsp lemon juice, and put the boiled rice over it. Heat oil then adds some ginger julienne and whole red button chilies and give a tadka on the biryani and put on high flame for 5 min then slow the flamen let it simmer for 8to 10 min. Garnish with fried onions n serve with raita and kachumber.

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