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pouring shot of hot and sour soup
Vinegar and chili mixed in a small dip bowl along with a spoonful of soup on the side.


  1. 4 cups chicken stock see note 1
  2. 125 g chicken boiled and shredded
  3. ¾ cup carrots sliced thinly
  4. ¾ green bell pepper sliced thinly
  5. ½ cup cabbage optional
  6. 2 spring onions sliced
  7. 2 tablespoon regular soy sauce
  8. 1 teaspoon dark soy sauce optional
  9. 2 tablespoon sriracha or chili sauce
  10. 2 tablespoon white vinegar
  11. 1 tablespoon chili garlic sauce
  12. 1 teaspoon white pepper
  13. 2 teaspoon brown sugar
  14. 1 teaspoon sesame oil
  15. salt to taste if required
  16. 1 egg whisked
  17. 4 tablespoon cornflour (cornstarch) mixed with ¼ cup water


  • In a pot, on medium heat bring the stock to a simmer. Add in the regular soy sauce, dark soy sauce, sriracha sauce, vinegar, chili garlic sauce, white pepper, brown sugar and sesame oil. Taste for salt, usually the stock and soy sauces make the soup salty enough.
  • Then put in the chicken, carrot, bell pepper, cabbage and white part of spring onion.
  • Bring the water to a boil. Then gradually pour the cornflour/cornstarch slurry (cornflour mixed with water) while stirring the soup. Don’t add all at once, stop adding when you reach your desired soup consistency.
  • Lower the heat, add the egg and let it sit in the pot for 1 minute. Then stir and simmer the soup for 2-3 minutes.
  • Turn off the heat and add the green part of the spring onion.
  • Serve hot with additional soy sauce, sriracha sauce and vinegar and chili mix on the side.


  1. You can also make your own chicken stock by mixing 2-3 chicken stock cubes in 4 cups of water. Some stock cubes are saltier than the others, so adjust to your liking.
  2. For a vegetarian soup, skip the chicken.
  3. Don’t overcook the vegetables or they will get mushy.
  4. This soup serves 4-6 people.

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