Salman Khan enjoys his Biryani & Chole, Shah Rukh Khan only sticks to Tandoori Chicken: Farah Khan

by Asif Ali
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Bollywood celebrities and their diets are widely discussed on social media and in the news. But apart from maintaining a strict diet plan, stars also like to indulge in comfort food. In a recent episode on Star vs Food, Farah Khan and Anil Kapoor made an appearance. During the show, Anil quizzed the director-choreographer about Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan’s food preferences. 

In the episode, Anil Kapooasked Farah, “How would you describe Salman Khan with food?” To which, she candidly said, “He is the only star I know, woh sab kuch khata hai (he eats everything). I have worked with Shah Rukh Khan, woh sirf apna tandoori chicken khata hai (he eats only his tandoori chicken).”

Farah further added, “Na woh chawal khata hai, na roti, bread toh main dekha hi nahin (He neither eats rice nor chapati and I haven’t seen him eat bread). Lekin Salman, despite having the physique, I have seen him have chawal (rice), biryani, chole (chickpeas dish)… sab khata hai (he eats everything).” 

In the episode, Anil Kapoor was slated to whip up lamb curry-rice, gnocchi pasta and burgers for Farah Khan, Arbaaz Khan and Kapoor. However, the actor’s guests did not have high hopes from him. Farah hilariously stated that she has ‘zero expectations’ from Anil as she has never seen him cook in ‘all these 30 years. 

Maheep Kapoor was also of a similar opinion as she revealed that she has never the actor “enter the kitchen” in the last 26 years. 

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