Amit Trivedi: “I Focus On Making Music That Is Beautiful”

by Asif Ali
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Noted music composer and singer Amit Trivedi is set to engage with his fans through a soulful live performance on the short video platform MX TakaTak on Friday.

Amit will not only perform but also interact with his fans via a live interactive session for the TakaTak Manch

alking about the same, Amit Trivedi has said that as an artist, he is happy to explore various platforms for reaching out his music to a larger audience.

Commenting on the collaboration, Amit Trivedi said, “I focus on making music that is beautiful and which listeners would be able to connect with – be it a devotional song, a romantic track or a peppy dance number. But the lockdown has restricted our interaction with one another. As someone who is passionate about music, I am happy to explore varied mediums that can help my music reach out to a larger audience.”

“Short video apps are paving a new way to rebuild the lost connections and I’m excited to be part of this interactive live performance this Friday on MX TakaTak,” Amit added.

Amit’s performance will stream live on MX TakaTak on September 17.

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